Letter from Isaac Galland, 24 July 1839

stomachs being already filled to overflowing, and so of the doctrines of the “New  Jerusalem Church” if none but those who read and understand the many  thousand metaphysical salutions of philisophical problems, which Sweden borg has published, can be saved, then truly must Heaven be content with  a spare population until the inhabitants intellectual capacities of the human  race are vastly improved— but if the wisdom of this world is foolishness with  God, and if God has chosen a system of salvation which is to the greeks foolishness  and is not taught in the wisdom of mens words, then indeed must it be a vain  effort to establish a system in lieu thereof, which is purely the wisdom of the  wise— and which has for its whole charm the praise of being philosophically  systematic.
I expect next week to set out for Akron and Kirtland  and as I shall write immediately on my return to this place, or perhaps from  one of the above places, I will now conclude by requesting that I may be favored  with letters from as many of you as can take time to write me, I shall probably  have something more interesting to write about when I write you again,  give my best wishes and Assurance of my sincere affection to all the brethren  and believe me ever your’s most sincerely—
To J Smith Jr
Commerce Hancock Co Illinois——
P. S— Please let me hear every matter  of importance which relates to the success or  hindrance, prosperity or adversity of the Church.
Yours truly,
Isaac Galland, letter, Chillocothe, OH, to JS, Sidney Rigdon, Hyrum Smith, Vinson Knight, George W. Robinson, and others, Commerce, IL, 24 July 1839; handwriting of James Mulholland; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 70–71; JS Collection, CHL.