Letter from J. W. Lotson, 7 January 1842

J Smith Esqr
Dear Brother
not succeding  in Obtain[in]g the goods at St. Louis, the  particulars of which I presume were  commucated to you by Br. Miller I  thought it wisdom for me to return  home, and obtain what goods I could  & return— I have acted in pursuance  of the above plan, and have every prospect  of geting two to three thousands dollars  worth at any rate, thoug[h] every thing  is very dul hear & money hard, I found  my Famley in good health, &c  at one time we had some talk about the  [Horace] Hotchkiss notes if you will write me the  particulars, and what you want me to do  in this or any other mat[t]er I will attend  to it with the geaest [greatest] of pleasure,  as to my news in relation to the purchase  of goods they were fuly & freely communcatd  to Br miller, to whome I would refur you  if you should not approve of my coming  home at the time I did or if I can in any  way do any thing which would be  benificial to yourself or the church  pleas State it in your leter, and I will  do as you Shall direct
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J. W. Lotson, Letter, New York City, NY, to JS, Nauvoo, IL, 7 Jan. 1842; three pages; JS Collection, CHL. Includes endorsements.