Letter from Oliver Cowdery, 6 November 1829

begin to write of the mercy mercies of God I know not when  to Stop but time and paper fails I would inform  that Hyram [Hyrum Smith] and Martin [Harris] went out to fayette last  week they had a joyful time and found all in  as good health as could be expected Martin th inks of comeing to the South in the course  of two or three weeks and will callculate to  take back that horse the printing goes rather  Slow yet as the type founder has been sick  but we expect that the type will be on and  Mr, Granden [Egbert B. Grandin] Still think we <he> will finish  printing by the first of febuary we all send  respects to yourself and Emma——
My dear Brother I cannot hardly feel to close this  letter as yet without informing you that we received  one from Mr— [Thomas B.] Marsh from Boston Masacuchusetts [Massachusetts]  dated the 25th Oct. he informs us that he wishes to  hear from us and know of our wellfare he says  he has talked conside[r]able to Some respecting our  work with freedom but others could not because  they had no ears my great desire is that we may  be faithful and obedient and humble children of  Christ here that we may meet together in his kingdom  of Eternal Glory to go no more out to Spend an  Ete[r]nity where the we wicked cese from troubling  and the humbl and penitent child in christ  finds rest I remain with much Esteem and  profound respect your Brother and compa[n]ion in  tribulation and persecution in the kingdom  of patience and hope of a Glorious reserrecti on in christ our Savior and redemer Amen
Joseph Smith Jr
<Let[ter] 5> P S I have Just got to alma command ment to his Son in coppyinng the mansc rip we are all in tolerable hea[l]th here  but my Father health is poor [p. 8]
In this letter, Oliver Cowdery reported briefly on the activities of the New York believers and on the status of the printing of the Book of Mormon. However, the preponderance of this document provides a glimpse of Cowdery as a deeply religious man. His work during the previous six months as JS’s scribe exposed him to the Book of Mormon’s emphasis on redemptive grace, and he incorporated a number of that book’s passages into his letter.
Cowdery wrote this letter in response to JS’s letter of 22 October 1829. Though the original is not available, JS copied this letter into his Letterbook 1 in late 1832 or early 1833.