Letter from Parley P. Pratt, 22 November 1839

I have great zeal, boundless ambition for the spread of  truth, and some acquaintance with publishing, but lack  in many other respects, but be assured I will be faithful  in this matter if committed to my charge and when I get  able to cross the sea I shall feel perfectly safe in leaving  the whole business with the residue of the committee.  We will give you one hundred dollars on each thousand  coppies for the right of publishing, or we will give you one  hundred Books on each thousand. Or we will publish it  on commision and return you all the profits after defraying  the expences of the same together with a reasonable charge  for our time. Or, we will publish it on any other conditions  which you can reasonably propose.
Please write immediately and let us know and  in the mean time we will be getting ready and seeking  for means.
Any Hymn Book which Sister Smith or the church  will favor us with shall also be published on similar  conditions. If you would appoint a periodical to be pub lished in this city it can be done immediately and thousand  would circulate here, where one would circulate from the  west, they are so slow and uncertain in coming from there  to us. I would also suggest for your considerations that  the publication of the Book of Mormon in Europe, in English,  French, German, and other languages, be committed to the  “Twelve, as a committee who shall take charge of the same  and whose duty it shall be to secure to you the Copy rights  in the several goverments, and to render strict account  from time to time to the first Presidency
Dear Br, you may think I am in good earnest indeed  about speeding this matter, and so I am for it must go to all  Nations, Kindred. Tongues. and People ere long. I sincerely  hope the day is not far distant when a printing establishment  will be reared in some Stake of Zion according to the word of  the Lord and the pattern given. We remember you on  the question of your afflictions. I remain your Brother in the  Bonds of the Everlasting Covenant. My Love to all enquiring friends
J. Smith Jun
Br Foster approves of this letter and sends his  love to you [p. 79]
Parley P. Pratt, letter, New York, NY, to JS, Commerce, IL, 22 Nov. 1839; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 77–79; JS Collection, CHL.