Letter to John Smith, 2 July 1833

Kirtland 2d July 1833
Brother John Smith— (2d)
We <have> just received your letter of the 8th of June,  which seems to have been wrttin [written] in a Spirit of  Justifycation on your part; You well recollect that  previous to your leaveing this place you was tryd  before the Bishops Court which found you  guilty of misdemeanor— and desided that you sho uld no longer retain your authaurety in the Ch urch. all of which we approove as presidents of  of the High Preasthood Sanction. you name  you nam[e] something in your letter that took  place at Bro— Alneys [Oliver Olney’s] in Shalersville on the  27th, and 28th, of August which we  perfectly Agree recollect and had you have [p. 50]
JS and Frederick G. Williams, letter, Kirtland, OH, to John Smith, Eugene, IN, 2 July 1833; handwriting of JS; in JS Letterbook 1, pp. 50–51; JS Collection, CHL.