Letter to John Smith, 2 July 1833

made such Confession as you was required to at  Chipiway [Chippewa], all things would have worked together for <your>  good; and as I told you, but you did not manifest  that degree of humility to the bretheren that was  required, but remained obstenate, for that <reason> God  withdrew his Spirit from you and left <you> in the  in darkness. darkness in your letter you say many  hard things against the Bretheren Especially Father  Smith Br Reyolds [Reynolds Cahoon] the Bishop &c— all which we  highly disaprove,— it seems also that your son  Eden [Smith] is confederate with you and needs to repen t together with yourself in all humility;  before the Lord; or you must expect to be dealt  with agreeable to the Laws of the Church.
we say you are no more than  a private member in the Church,
Joseph Smith Jr. Pr
John Smith, no relation to JS, joined the church in 1831 and was ordained to the priesthood before performing missionary service. After completion of his mission in August 1832, Smith had a dispute with church members. A bishop’s court in Kirtland, Ohio, deprived him of his ministerial license. In this letter, JS and Frederick G. Williams, as presidents of the high priesthood, affirmed the bishop’s court decision. A letter of the same date went to leaders of the Indiana branch of the church where John Smith resided.
JS and Williams wrote this letter from Kirtland, Ohio, to John Smith, Vermillion County, Indiana. JS transcribed it into JS Letterbook 1, possibly in July 1833.