Letter to Moses Daley, circa 8 October 1834

(An extract of a letter sent by me to the Florence  church and vicinity— ‘I have inqu[i]red at the  hand of the Lord concerning this matter’ ‘and have  engaged our bro. Wm. E. McLel[l]in to visit you  who will teach you concerning the duty of  the churches relative to Zion. I want there fore that you should receive him in the  name of Lord, and uphold him by your prayr  of Faith, and in the name of Lord of truth  he will do you much good— Josep[h]. Smith Jr) [p. 17]
JS, letter, Kirtland, OH, to Moses Daley, Florence OH, ca. 8 Oct. 1834; handwriting of William E. McLellin; in William E. McLellin Journal, p. 17; William E. McLellin Papers, CHL.