Letter to Quorum of the Twelve, 4 August 1835

of the Holy Spirit— we say, be strong in the Lord  and in the power of his might, for great things await  you, and great blessings are in store for you. Let the  power of the two be upon the seventy until the two  make full satisfaction; for the seventy shall be blessed  and are blessed. That man who presumes to  speak evil of the dignities which God has set in his  church, to his family, or to any body else, shall be  cursed in his generation. Remember the 109 Psalm  His bishopric shall be taken from him unless he  speedily repents. Be it known that God is God and  when he speaks let all the congregation say: Amen.
We have evil insinuations enough in Kirtland to  grapple with, that are suggested by the father of lies,  without having them from those who are sent out to  put down insinuations. May God help you to be  more wise for the future: Amen.
Oliver Cowdery—Clerk (signed) Joseph Smith Jr.—Moderator
P.S. To— Elder Wm. Smith: Your house is nearly  finished, except plastering, a few days will complete  it except this: Whether it will [be] entirely finished by his  return, or not, we cannot say; but he will be permitted  to attend the school this winter: his family with all  your families here, are well. Wm’s, Father is soon  to move in with Wm’s wife. A word further we ad monish br. Wm. to be very humble and prayerful,  and to remember further, that he that humbleth him self shall be exalted— he that would be greatest in  the Kingdom of God, must be least of all, and servant  of all. The admonition we give to one, we give to  all
(Signed)Joseph Smith Jr.
[p. 93]
JS and Kirtland High Council, letter, Kirtland, OH, to Quorum of the Twelve, Kirtland, OH, 4 Aug. 1835; handwriting of John Whitmer; in JS Letterbook 1, pp. 90–93; JS Collection, CHL.