Letter to Stephen Post, 17 September 1838

The road is full companies of presently 10, 20  & 30 <wagons> arrives, some almost daily One company  which is the comp is close here with one hundred  wagons John E. Page report says is comming  less than one hundred miles of this place, with  64 wagons and the road is litterly lined with  wagons between here and Ohio. The work of the  gathering is great. all the saints should gather  as soon as possible, urge all the saints to  gather immediately if they possibly can.  The chance is great for purchasing lands here  land is being cheap the old settlers will sell  for half price yes, for quarter price they are  determined to get away. Congress land is plenty  and good land can be had for property other  than money, such as horses wagons goods of all  kinds &c, &c, Indiana and Illinois State  Banks will buy Congress lands, Eastern money  can be exchanged on the road, with ease.  You next ask what is the cause of the papers  stoping it was because the office was burnt  down, by the decenters [dissenters] from the faith in Kirtl and, As to Mechonical branches, all kinds are  needed, & would do well, As to the Stick of Joseph  in the hand of Ephraim, I will merely say  suppose yourself to be an Ephraimite, and sup pose all this church to be, of the blood of Ephraim  and the book of Mormon to be a record of Man asseh which would of course [page torn] [be a] record of  Joseph, Then suppose you being an Ephraim ite, Should take the record of Joseph in your  hand, would not then the Stick of Joseph of  Joseph be in the hand of Ephraim, solve this  mistery and see.
The persecutors of the saints  are not asleep in Missouri but God is near as  to communicate his will unto us, I can write  no more at present, I would say say may [p. [2]]
JS and Sidney Rigdon, letter, Far West, MO, to Stephen Post, Kirtland, OH, 17 Sept. 1838; handwriting of George W. Robinson; three pages; Stephen Post Papers, CHL.