Letter to the Church in Thompson, Ohio, 6 February 1833

An Epistle to the Church in ThompsonThompson
Kirtland February 6th 1833— —
Dear Brethren
We salute you by this our  Epistle in the bonds of Love rejoicing in your steadfa stness in the faith which is in Christ Jesus our Lord  and we desire your prosperity in the ways of truth  and righteousness in the bowels of Jesus Christ pray ing for you continually that your faith fail not  and that you may overcome all the evils with  which you are surrounded and become pure  and holy before God even our father to whom  be glory for and ever and ever Amen
It has seemed good unto the holy spirit  and unto us to send this our epistle to you by  the hand of our beloved broth[e]r Salmon [Gee] your  messinger who has been ordained by us in obe dience to the commandment of God to the office  of Elder to preside over the Church in Thompson  taking the oversight thereof to Lead you &  to teach the thing[s] which are according to  Godliness in whom we have great confidence  as we presume also you we therefore say to  you yea not us only but the Lord also  receive you him as such knowing that the  lord has appointed him to this office for  your good holding him up by your prayers [p. 25]
This letter to church members at Thompson, Ohio, affirmed the appointment of Salmon Gee to preside over the Thompson congregation in religious matters as leader and teacher, and requested members to support him in his assignment. This document is particularly significant as the earliest example of a letter signed by JS and both of his counselors in the presidency of the high priesthood.
JS, Sidney Rigdon, and Frederick G. Williams wrote this epistle from Kirtland, Ohio, to the church members in Thompson, Ohio. Frederick G. Williams transcribed this letter into JS’s Letterbook 1.