Letter to the Presidency in Kirtland, 29 March 1838

to this place, but have prevailed nothing, We have no  uneaseness about the power of our enimies in  this place to do us harm Br Samuel H Smith  & family arrived here soon after we did in go[o]d  health. Br B[righam] Young Br D[aniel] S. Miles & Br L[evi]  Richards arrivd here when we did, They were  with us on the last of our journey which ad[d]ed  much to our sattisfaction, They also are well  They have provided places for their families & are  now about to break the ground for seed, Being  under the hand of wicked vexatious Lawsuits for  seven years past my buisness was so dangerous  that I was not able to leave it, in as good  a situation as I had antisipated, but if there  are any wrongs, They shall all be noticed so  far as the Lord gives me ability & power to  do so, say to all the brotheren that I have not  forgotten them, but remember them in my pr ayers, Say to Mother [Sarah] Beaman that I remembr  her, Also Br Daniel Carter Br Stong [Ezra Strong] & family  Br [Oliver] Granger & family, Finally I cannot innum erate them all for the want of room I will  just name Br Knights [Vinson Knight] the Bishop &c. My best  respects to them all for the want of room  & I commend them and the Church of God  in Kirtland to our Heavenly Father & the  word of his grace, which is able to make you  wise unto Salvation I would just say to  Br. [William] Marks, that I saw in a vision while on  the road that whereas he was closely persued  by an innumerable concource of enimies  and as they pressed upon him hard as if they  were about to devour him, It <&> had seemingly  attained some degre[e] of advantage over him But  about this time a chariot of fire came and  near the place and the Angel of the Lord  put forth his hand unto Br. Marks & said [p. 25]
JS, letter, Far West, MO, to William Marks, John Smith, and Reynolds Cahoon, Kirtland, OH, 29 Mar. 1838; handwriting of George W. Robinson; in JS, Journal, Mar.–Sep. 1838, pp. 23–26; CHL.