Letter to the Presidency in Kirtland, 29 March 1838

escort of bretheren from the city Who were T[homas] B. Marsh  John Corril[l] Elias Higby [Higbee] & severel others of the faithfull  of the West Who received us with open armes and warm  hearts and welcomed us to the bosom of their sosciety  On our arrival in the city we wire [were] greeted on every  hand by the saints who bid us welcom; Welcome;  to the land of their inheritance. Dear bretheren you  may be assured that so friendly a meeting &  reception paid us Will [well] for our long seven years  of servictude persecution & affliction in the mi dst of our enimies in the land Kirtland yea  verily our hearts were full and we feel greatfull  to Almighty God for his kindness unto us. The  particulars of our Journey brotheren cannot weell be  writen but we trust that the same God who has prot ected us will protect you also, and will sooner or  later grant us the privilege of seeing each other  face <to> face & of rehersing of all our sufferings We have  herd of the destruction of the printing office which  we presume to believe must have been occasioned  by the Parrishites or more properly the Aristocrats  or Anarchys as we believe, The saints here have  provided a room for us and daily necessary’s which  is brought in from all parts of the co. to make us comf ortable, so that I have nothing to do but to attend  to my spiritual concerns or the spiritual affairs of  the Church The difficulties of the Church had been  ajusted before arrival here by a Judicious High  Council With T. B. Marsh & D[avid] W Patten who  acted as Pres. Pro. Tem. of the Church of zion  being appointed by the voice of the Council &  Church Wm. W. Phelps & John Whitmer having been  cut off from the Church, D[avid] Whitmer remains as  yit The saints at this time are in union &  peace & love prevails throughout, in a word Hea ven smiles upon the saints in Caldwell. Various  & many have been the falshoods writen from thence [p. 24]
JS, letter, Far West, MO, to William Marks, John Smith, and Reynolds Cahoon, Kirtland, OH, 29 Mar. 1838; handwriting of George W. Robinson; in JS, Journal, Mar.–Sep. 1838, pp. 23–26; CHL.