Letter to the Presidency in Kirtland, 29 March 1838

unto him thou art my son come here, and immedia tely he was caught up in the Chariot and rode away  triumphantly out of their midst and again the Lord  said I will raise th[ee] up for a blessing unto many  people Now the particulars of this whole matter cannot  be writen at this time but the vision was evidently  given to me that I might know that the hand of the  Lord would be on his behalf
J Smith Jr
I transmit to you the folowing motto of the Church  of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Recorded on  Pages 16 & 17 of J Smith Jr Scriptory Record Book  A. We left Pres. [Sidney] Rigdon 30 miles this side of  Parris [Paris] Illinois in consequence of the sickness of  Br. G[eorge] W. Robinsons wife, on yesterday br. Robinson  arrived here who informed us that his father in  Law (S. Rigdon) was at Huntsville detained there  on account of the ill health of his wife, They will  probaly be here soon, Choice seeds of all kinds of fruit  also Choice breed of Cattle would be in much  demand also, best blood of horses garden seeds  of every description also hay seed of all sorts, all  of these are much needed in this place
Verry respetfully I subscribe myself your  servent in Christ our Lord & Savior
Joseph Smith Jr
Prest. of the Church of
Jesus Christ of
Latterday Saints [p. 26]
JS, letter, Far West, MO, to William Marks, John Smith, and Reynolds Cahoon, Kirtland, OH, 29 Mar. 1838; handwriting of George W. Robinson; in JS, Journal, Mar.–Sep. 1838, pp. 23–26; CHL.