Minutes, 17 August 1835

High Counsellors
Levi JackmanNewel Knight
E[lisha] H. GrovesElias Higby [Higbee]
Morris PhelpsWarren Parrish
James Emmit [Emmett]Elias Hutchings
Z[erah] S. ColeEdson Barney
J. B. SmithAlexander Bodlem [Badlam Sr.]
The High councils took their seats in regular order  according to their appointments.
Also the seven Presidents of the Seventy Elders.
Leonard RichHarpin Riggs
Levi HancockJoseph Hancock
Lyman S. Ferman Almon Bab[b]itt
Sylvester Smith
Also twenty seven  of the seventy Elders and sons of Zion.
The Bishop from Zion
John Corril[l] acted instead of Edward Partridge (absent)  Isaac Higby [Higbee] & Daniel Stanton acted as counsellors
President of the Elders
Thirty one of the Elders of the church,
President of the priests
Ira Ames and Eight priests,
President of the Deacons,
Wm. Burgess and one deacon
President of the Teachers, and six Teachers.
Brother Thomas Gates appointed as President to keep  order among the members, and prevent disturbance in the  House. [p. 99]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 17 Aug. 1835; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 98–106; CHL.