Minutes, 17 August 1835

under his roof & in his presence through President Joseph  Joseph Smith Junr the Prophet of Lord. He then called for  the Vote of his counsellors. which was given in favor of the  Book and also of the Committee that compiled it. as  having discharged their duty faithfully. The Book was  then handed to counsellor Carrill [John Corrill], who acted in the place  of Edward Partridge Bishop in Zion (absent) He said  that he received it with great Joy and was perfectly satisfied  with the same, and most cordially received it as a rule of  faith and practice, and also his entire satisfaction with  the labors of the Committee. He also stated that he  knew the work. to be true, then called for the vote of his  council which was given in favor of the book and of  the committee. Elder John Gould then took the  Book and said that he knew it was true and also th[e]  Book of Mormon, because he had received the testimony  of the Spirit in favor of them, and that he was well  satisfied with the committee He called for th[e] voice  of the Elders which was given in favor of the work &  <that> they were satisfied with the committee: Priest Ira Ames  took the Book and said. he was present in the general  assembly which appointed the committee, And that  he was well satisfied with the fruit of their labors.  He then took the Vote of the Priests, who gave their voice  to receive it, being satisfied with the labors of the committee  The book being handed to Teacher Erastus Bab[b]itt; He  arose and said, he had been present when one of the  revelations contained in it was given, and that he receiv ved it at the time, as coming from God, and that he  was willing to be governed by the rules contained in  the book, for he verily believed them to be good, & he was  well satisfied with the labors of the committe. He also  obtained the voice of all the Teachers present in favor  of the work and the Committee. [p. 105]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 17 Aug. 1835; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 98–106; CHL.