Minutes, 22–23 January 1833

Conference opened with prayer by the President, after  prayer the President spake in an unknown Tongue  he was followed by Br Zebede Coltrin and he by  Bro William Smith after this the gift was poured  out in a miraculous manner until all the Elders  obtained the gift together with several of the  members of the Church both male & female  Great and glorious were the divine manifestation  of the Holy Spirit, Praises were sang to God & the  Lamb besides much speaking & praying all in  tongues. The conference adjourned at a late hour  in the night to meet next morning at 9 oclock  closed by with prayer by the President
Wednesday Janry 23d Meet agreeable to adjourn ment. Conference opened with Prayer by  the President and after much speaking  praying and singing, all done in Tongues  proceded to washing hands faces & feet in the  name of the Lord as commanded by of God  each one washing his own after which the  president guirded himself with a towel and  again washed the feet of all the Elders wiping them  with the towel, his father presenting himself  the President asked of him a blessing before he  would wash his feet which he obtained by  the laying on of his fathers hands, pronouncing  upon his head that he should continue in his  Priests office untill Christ come——
at the close of which scene Br F G Williams  being moved upon by the Holy Ghost washed  the feet of the President as a token of his [p. 7]
Church members in Ohio were directed by a revelation in late December 1832 and another in early January 1833 to hold a solemn assembly and organize a school. In the “school of the prophets,” the church’s first elders were to be educated in a conventional sense while simultaneously preparing for a spiritual endowment of power.
These conference minutes were recorded during the solemn assembly that initiated the school of the prophets. Participants met in an upstairs room in the Whitney store in Kirtland, Ohio. The minutes described two days of meetings that included speaking in tongues and other spiritual manifestations.
Frederick G. Williams, who had been serving as JS’s scribe since 20 July 1832, took minutes of the meeting and entered a copy into Minute Book 1.