Minutes, 22–23 January 1833

fixed determination to be with him in suff[er]ing  or in rejoicing, in life or in death and to be  continually on his right hand in which thing  he was accepted, The President said after  he had washed the feet of the Elders, as I have  done so do ye wash ye therefee [therefore] one anothers feet  pronouncing at the same time through the power  of the Holy Ghost that the Elders were all clean  from the blood of this generation but that  those who among them who should sin wilfully  after they were thus cleansed and sealed up  unto eternal life should be given over unto  the buffettings of Satan until the day of redemp tion Having continued all day in fasting &  prayer before the Lord at the close they  partook of the Lords supper which was blessed  by the president in the name of the Lord  all eat and drank and were filled then  sang an hymn and went out—
Church members in Ohio were directed by a revelation in late December 1832 and another in early January 1833 to hold a solemn assembly and organize a school. In the “school of the prophets,” the church’s first elders were to be educated in a conventional sense while simultaneously preparing for a spiritual endowment of power.
These conference minutes were recorded during the solemn assembly that initiated the school of the prophets. Participants met in an upstairs room in the Whitney store in Kirtland, Ohio. The minutes described two days of meetings that included speaking in tongues and other spiritual manifestations.
Frederick G. Williams, who had been serving as JS’s scribe since 20 July 1832, took minutes of the meeting and entered a copy into Minute Book 1.