Minutes, 26 September 1830

Minutes of the second Conference held by the  Elders of this Church according to adjournment. Sept. 26. 1830.
EldersBr. Joseph Smith jr. appointed  leader of the Conference by  Vote.
Joseph Smith jr.
Oliver Cowdery
David Whitmer
John Whitmer
Peter Whitmer [Jr.]
Samuel H. Smith
Thomas B. Marsh.
Brother Joseph Smith jr. was appointd by the voice  of the Conference to receive and write Revelations & Command ments for this Church.
The fifth chapter of Isaiah read by Br. Joseph Smith jr. &  prayer by the same. Articles & Covenants read by br. Oliver Cowdery  and remarks by Brother Joseph Smith jr.
No. of the several members uniting to this Church since the  last Conference, thirty-five; making in whole now belonging to  this Church sixty-two. Br. Newel Knight ordained a priest under  the hand of brother Oliver Cowdery and prayer by the same.  Prayer by all present. Exho[r]tation by all the Elders respectively. Singing  and prayer in behalf of Br. Oliver Cowdery & Peter Whitmer jr.  who were previously appointed to go to the Lamanites.
Conference adjourned to January 1. 1831. to be held at this  place. Br. David Whitmer appointed to keep the Church records until  the next Conference. Prayer by br. Oliver Cowdery. The foregoing  Minutes were taken at the time of this Conference by Oliver Cowdery. [p. 2]
Late in September 1830 the Church of Christ convened for the second time as an organized institution and religious society. The conference lasted three days, but apparently minutes exist for only the first day’s proceedings. At the conference, JS’s singular role in receiving and writing commandments and revelations was reconfirmed. This happened partly in response to Hiram Page’s purported receipt of revelations through “a certain stone” on behalf of the church, which led to confusion.
This text appears in Minute Book 2 and was copied into that record book by Ebenezer Robinson in spring 1838. Robinson became church clerk and recorder on 6 April 1838 and apparently copied this text from records kept at the conference in September 1830.