Minutes, 28 November 1834

Kirtland Nov. 28th 1834
A council convened this evening to transact business acor ding to the regulations of the church.
Joseph Smith Junr.}Presiding
Sidney Rigdon}
Frederick G. Williams}
John JohnsonHyrum Smith
Jared CarterJoseph Smith Senr.
Oliver CowderyOrson Hyde
Orson Johnson Luke Johnson
Counsellors present
John Johnson. Hyrum Smith were appointed  to speak. A letter from the church in Lewis, Essex Co.  N. Y. was presented by brethren John H. Tippits [Tippets] and Joseph  H. Tippits [Tippets] and read by the clerk. Said letters contained  an account of money and other property, sent by the  church in Lewis, in the care of said brethren to carry  to Missouri to purchase land. Those brethren wished  to know the mind and advice of their brethren here, wh ether they had better pursue their journey or not.
The two counsellors then spoke, followed by F. G. W.  O. Hyde, and the Clerk; After which brother Sidney Rig don proceeded to give a decision. That after looking  at all parts of the question, it was the decision, that  our brethren be advised to tarry in this place during  the winter. The voice of the council was taken  which concurred with the decision. The two  brethren then respectively arose and said they were  perfectly satisfied with the decision of the council.  The amount donated by the church in Lewis  according to their letter, in cash is, $.473.29.
The amount in other property according}
to their said letter, is ——}—375.11
[p. 77]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 28 Nov. 1834; handwriting of Warren Cowdery; in Minute Book 1, pp. 77–80; CHL.