Minutes, 3 September 1837

John Johnson, Joseph Coe, Martin Harris, &  Joseph Kingsbury, were objected to, allso John  P. Green[e], but his case was put over till he  should be present, Noah Packard Jared Carter  & Samuel H. Smith were voted to stand in  their office previously confered upon them.  Samuel James was dropped from the council  in consequence of his being absent and his sit uation such that he could not attend to  the duties of the office. Oliver Granger,  Henry G. Sherwood, William Marks, Mahew  Hillman, Harlow Redfield, Asa[h]el Smith,  Phineas Richards, & David Dort, were chosen  to fill the place of those objected to, and  the seats in the Council which were vac ated by reason of Thomas Grover having moved  to the west John Smith having been chosen  one of the Presidents of the church, & Orson  Johnson being excluded from the Church, all  having belonged to the high council, The Pres.  then called upon the church to know if the  new Presidents of the Seventies should stand  in their calling. Voted that John Gaylord,  James Foster, Salmon Gee, Daniel S. Miles,  Joseph Young, Josiah Butterfield, should reta in their office, John Gould, was objected to  and on learning that Levi Handcox [Hancock] one of  the former presidents of the Seventies was not  an high priest, he was chosen in the place of  John Gould. The Pres then arose & made some  remarks concerning the former presidents of  the Seventies, their calling the authority  of the priesthood &c.
Voted that the old or former presidents [p. 237]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 3 Sept. 1837; handwriting of George W. Robinson; in Minute Book 1, pp. 234–238; CHL.