Minutes, 30 April 1833

he should have letters of reccommendation  and an Epistle to that church and take  the oversight thereof and as soon as is  convenient moove to that place
it was also decided that Sister Vean  Jaqush [Vienna Jacques] should not immediately procede  on her Journy to Zion but to wait  untill William Hobert gets ready  and go in company with him no  furthe[r] business the conference closed
In April 1833, JS presided over a council of high priests that met to consider three items of business: providing space for local church meetings in Kirtland, Ohio; appointing a presiding officer for the church’s Parkman branch in southeastern Geauga County, Ohio; and advising a church member on travel plans to Missouri. Frederick G. Williams kept the minutes of this meeting and entered a copy into Minute Book 1.