Minutes, 7–8 April 1838

Agreeable to a resolution of the high coun cil, assembled at Far West, on Saturday the  3rd of March 1838, the general authorities of  the church met, to hold the first quarterly  conference of the Church of Latter Day Saints  Zion, at Far West on the 7th of April 1838.  Presidents J. Smith jr, S[idney] Rigdon, T[homas] .B  Marsh, D[avid] W. Patten, and B[righam] Young took  the stand; after which the several quorums,  the high council, the high priests, the seven ties the elders, the bishop, the priests, the  teachers, and deacons, were organized by  their Presidents.
President J. Smith jr. made some remarks,  also gave some instruction respecting the or der of the day. The conference was then o pened by singing, “O God our hope in ages  past” and prayer by President B. Yonng.— Also a hymn was sung “how firm a founda tion”. After which, President J. Smith, Jr.  arose and addressed the congregation at con siderable length, on some important items.— President Rigdon continued the subject for a  length of time, after which, on motion, the  meeting adjourned for the space of twenty  minutes.
Pursuant to adjournment the conference  convened, and opened by prayer by D. W.  Patten who also made a few remarks respect ing the twelve apostles. He spake of T. B.  Marsh, Brigham Young, Orson Hyde, He ber C. Kimball, P[arley] P. Pratt, and O[rson] Pratt, as  being men of God, whom he could reccom mend with cheerful confidence. He spake  somewhat doubtful of William Smith from  something which he had heard respecting his  faith in the work. He also spake of William  E. McLellin, Luke Johnson, Lyman John son, and John F. Boynto,n as being men  whom he could not reccommend to the con ference.
President John Murdock, then represented  the high council. The report was favorable.  He stated that the seats of Elisha H. Groves,  Calvin Bebee [Beebe], and Lyman Wight was vacant  in consequence of their having moved away so  far that they could not attend the council.
Thomas B. Marsh then nominated Jared  Carter to fill the seat of Elisha H. Groves  who was received unanimously.
He then nominafed John P. Green[e], to fill  the seat of Calvin Bebee, who was received  unanimously.
Also George W Harris, to fill that of Ly man Wight, who was received unanimously— The presidency then ordained him to the of fice of high priest.
On motion the Conference adjourned to the  8th at 9 o’clock A M.
Sunday April the 8th;——Pursuant to ad journment the Conference convened, and o pened by singing and prayer by President B.  Young.
President Joseph Smith Jr. made a few re marks respecting the Kirtland Bank—Who  was followed by Brigham Young, who gave  a short history of his travels to Massachusetts  and New York.
President Charles [C.] Rich, who is the presi dent of the high priests in Zion; represented  his quorum; he read the names of those who  belonged to his quorum, the principal part  of which were in good standing.
The seventies were represented, by presi dents Daniel Miles, and Levi Hancock.
The quorum of Elders were represented by  president Harvey Green—Their number was  124, in good standing.
President Joseph Smith Jr, next made a  few remarks on the word of wisdom, giving  the reason of its coming forth, saying it  should be observed. On motion, the Confer ence adjourned for one hour.
The Conference convened, agreeable to ad journment, and opened by singing and pray er, after which Bishop [Edward] Partridge, represented  the lesser priesthood, and his council. — He gave an account of the incomes and out goes of Church property which had passed  through his hands.
It was then motioned and seconded, and  carried that the first presidency be appointed  to sign the licences of the official members of  the church—After which on motion, the  Conference adjourned until the first Friday in  July next
Minutes, Far West, MO, 7–8 Apr. 1838; Elders’ Journal, July 1838, p. 47.