Minutes, 7 November 1837

and were unanimously chosen.
Bishop Edward Partridge was then nomin ated to still act as Bishop, and was unanim ously chosen. Who then nominated Isaac Morl[e]y  and Titus Billings for his counsellors who  were unanimously chosen.
Elder Isaac Morley was then unanimously  appointed Patriarch of this Branch of the Church.
Elder John Corrill was chosen to be keeper of  the Lord’s Storehouse.
Elder Isaac Morley was <then> ordained to the of fice of Patriarch under the hands of Pres’ts.  Joseph Smith, jr. Sidney Rigdon and Hyrum  Smith.
The congregation then after a few remarks from Pres’t.  Rigdon, unanimously voted not to support Stores and  Shops selling spirituous liquors, Tea, Coffee or  Tobacco.
A vote was called on the subject of the  Presidents of the Seventies— and those who have  been recently appointed to that office, were unanim ously recieved.
The congregation then united with Pres’t.  Rigdon, who, in the closing prayer, called upon  the Lord to dedicate this land for the gathering of  the Saints, and their inheritances.
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 7 Nov. 1837; handwriting of Ebenezer Robinson; in Minute Book 2, pp. 82–85; CHL.