Prospectus for the Elders’ Journal, 26 April 1838

for the
of the Church of Jesus Christ, of Latter  Day Saints.
It is, we presume, generally known, that  this paper was commenced in Kirtland, Ohio,  in October last; but by reason of the great  persecution against the Saints in that place,  the paper had to be stopped; and through the  craft of wicked men they got possession of  the Printing Office, and knowing they could  not hold it, it was burned.
The paper is now about to be resuscitated  in this place; to be conducted as set forth in  the former prospectus. It will be issued in a  few weeks, and sent to the former subscribers,  as previously stated.
We send this prospectus to arouse the  Saints to energy in obtaining subscribers.— We hope the Elders abroad, will not fail to  use their influence to give as general a circu lation as possible.
The JOURNAL will be Edited by Joseph  Smith jr., and Published by Thomas B.  Marsh, at Far West, Caldwell County Mis souri.
Terms—One dollar, per annum, paid in  advance. All letters must be Post Paid, and  directed to the Publisher.
Far West, Mo. April 26, 1838. [p. 34]
Prospectus for the Elders’ Journal, Far West, MO, 26 Apr. 1838; Elders’ Journal, July 1838, p. 4.