Revelation, 12 January 1838–A

as is named in the 3rd Sec. 37 verse of  the Book of Covenants, in Zion by 3 witnesses  standing against each member of said  presidency and said witnesses shall be of  long and faithful standing and such  also as cannot be impeached by other  witnesses, before said council and when  a desision is had by such an council  in Zion it shall only be for Zion  it shall not answer for her Stakes  but if said desision be acknowleged  by the Council of her Stakes then it  shall answer for her Stakes <But if it is not acknowleged by the Stakes then such stakes may have the privilege of hearing for themselves.> or if said  decision shall be acknowleged by  a majority of her Stakes then it shall  <answer> for <all> her Stakes. And again the presidency  of said Church may be tried by the  voice of the whole body of <the Church of> Zion, and the <voice>  <of a majority> of all her Stakes, And again except  a majority is had by the voice of the Church  of Zion, and the majority of her Stakes, the  charges will be considered not sustained, and  in order to sustain such charge or charges before  said Church <of Zion> or her Stakes [p. [2]]
Revelation, Kirtland, OH, 12 Jan. 1838; handwriting of George W. Robinson; three pages; Revelations Collection, CHL. Includes endorsement.