Revelation, 30 December 1830 [D&C 37]

40th Commandment AD 1830
A Revelation to Sidney [Rigdon] & Joseph at at time that they  went from Fayette to Canandaigua to translate &c  given at Canandaigua Ontario County State of New York
A Commandment to sidney & Joseph saying Behold I say  unto ye that it is not Expedient in me that ye should  Translate any more until ye shall go to the Ohio & this  because of the enemy & for your sakes & again I say unto  you that ye shall not go untill ye have Preached my  Gospel in those parts & have strengthened up the Church  whithersoever it is found & more especially in Colesville  for Behold they pray unto me in much faith & again  a commandment I give unto the Church that it is  expedient in me that they should assemble together at  the Ohio by <against> the time that my Servent Oliver [Cowdery] shall  return unto them Behold here is wisdom & let evry  man Choose for himself until I come amen even so amen [p. 49]
Revelation, Canandaigua, NY, 30 Dec. 1830; handwriting of John Whitmer; in Revelation Book 1, p. 49; CHL.