Revelation, 4 June 1833 [D&C 96]

benefit of those who seek inheritances as it shall be determined  in council among you. Therefore take heed that ye see to this  matter, and that portion that is necessary to benefit the firm for  the purpose of bringing forth my word to the children of men, for  Behold verily I say unto you, this is the most expedient in me  that my word should go forth unto the children of men for  the purpose of subdueing the hearts of the children of men  for your good even so Amen— and again verily I say unto you  it is wisdom and expedient in me that my servant John Johnson  whose offering I have accepted and whose prayers I have  heared, unto whom I give a promise of Eternal life inasmuch  as he keepeth my commandments from hence forth, for he is  a descendant of Joseph and a partaker of the blessings of  the promise made unto his fathers. Verily I say unto you  it is expedient in me that he should become a member of  the firm that he may assist in bringing forth my word unto  the children of men. Therefore ye shall ordain him unto this  blessing, and he shall seek dilligently to take away incum berances that are upon the house named among you that  he may dwell there<in> even so Amen—— [p. 61]
With plans for the Kirtland house of the Lord being discussed by church leaders in early 1833, the acquisition of land for the edifice became important. In spring 1833, a parcel owned by Peter French was purchased, whereon the structure would be built. Relying on this revelation, a conference of high priests determined that Bishop Newel K. Whitney should take charge of the French property on behalf of the church. The text also stated that John Johnson should be admitted as a member of the United Firm, which oversaw the church’s financial and mercantile operations.
Chosen as clerk to the presidency of the high priesthood on 6 June 1833, Orson Hyde transcribed this text into Revelation Book 2, probably in mid-1833. It is identified only by date and location, “Kirtland June 4th 1833.” John Whitmer later recorded a copy in Revelation Book 1 as “Revelation given Kirtland, June 4, 1833.” The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants includes this revelation with a date of June 1833 at Kirtland, Ohio.