Revelation, 6 August 1836 [D&C 111]

A revelation
Salem (Mss.) August 6, 1836.
I the Lord your God am not displeased  with your coming this Journey, notwithstandig  your follies. I have much treasure  in this city for you, for the benefit  of Zion; and many people in this  city, whom I will gather out in due  time for the benefit of Zion, through  your instrumentality: Therefore it  is expedient that you should form  acquaintance with men in this  city, as you shall be lead, and as  it shall be be given you. And it  shall come to pass, in due time, that  I will give this city into your  hands, that you shall have power  over it, insomuch that they shall  not discover your secret [p. 35]
Revelation, Salem, MA, 6 Aug. 1836; handwriting of William W. Phelps; in William W. Phelps, Journal, pp. 35–37; CHL.