Revelation, 6 June 1831 [D&C 52]

& Samuel (Smith) also take their Journey let my Servent  Wheeler (Baldwin) & william (Carter) also take their Journey let  my Servent Newel Knight & Sealy [Selah] (Griffin) both be ordained &  also take their Journey yea verily I say unto you let all these take  their Journey unto one Place in their Several courses & one man  shall not build upon anothers foundation neither Journey in an  others tracks he that is faithfull the same shall be kept &  blest with much fruit & again I say unto you let my servent  Joseph (Wakefield) & Solomon (Hmphrey) [Solomon Humphrey Jr.] take their Journey into  the easteren lands & let them labour with their families declaring  none other things than the Prophets & Apostles that which they have  seen & heard & most shuredly believe that the Prophecies may be fulfilled[.]  in consequence of transgression let that which was bestowed upon  Heman (Bassett) be taken from him & placed upon the head of Simonds  Simonds (Rider) & again verily I say unto you let Jared Carter be  ordained a Priest & also George (James) be ordained a Priest let the  residue of the Elders watch over the Churches & declare the word in  the regiones among them & let them labour with their own hands  that there be no Idolitry nor wickedness practiced & remember in  all things the poor & the Needy the Sick & the afflicted for he that  doeth not these things is not my deciple these things the same  is not my Deciple & again let my Servent Joseph & Sidney & Edward  take with them a recomend from the Church & let there be one  obtained for my Servent Oliver [Cowdery] also & thus even as I have said if  ye are faithfull ye shall assemble yourselves together to rejoice upon  the land of your inheritance which is now the land of your enemies  but behold I the lord will hasten the City in its time & will  crown the faithfull with Joy & rejoicing Behold I am Jesus Christ  the Son of God & I will lift them up at the last day even so amen [p. 89]
Revelation, Kirtland, OH, 6 June 1831; handwriting of John Whitmer; in Revelation Book 1, pp. 87–89; CHL.