Revelation, circa Early 1830

23 Commandment AD 1830
Behold I the Lord am God I Created the Heavens & the Earth  & all things that in them is wherefore they are mine & I sway  my scepter over all the Earth & ye are in my hands to will &  to do that I can deliver you out of evry difficulty & affliction  according to your faith & dilligence & uprightness Before me  & I have covenanted with my Servent that earth nor Hell  combined against him shall not take the Blessing out of  his hands which I have prepared for him if he walketh  uprightly before me neither the spiritual nor the temporal [p. 30]
Revelation, Manchester, NY, ca. early 1830; handwriting of John Whitmer; in Revelation Book 1, pp. 30–31; CHL.