Revelation, June 1829–A [D&C 14]

Gentiles unto the house of Israel. And behold thou  art David, and thou art called to assist: Which  thing if ye do, and are faithful, ye shall be blessed  both spiritually and temporally, and great shall be  your reward: Amen. [p. 33]
David Whitmer arrived in Harmony, Pennsylvania, in spring 1829 as work on the Book of Mormon translation progressed. Lucy Mack Smith later recalled that JS and Oliver Cowdery were in some danger at that time. The Whitmers generously offered to let JS and Cowdery stay at their home in Fayette Township, New York, while they completed work on the Book of Mormon. David, who had previously become friendly with Cowdery, came to provide transportation.
In his history, JS later described David Whitmer and two of his brothers, John and Peter, as “zealous friends and assistants.” JS dictated revelations for these three Whitmers at their request. Portions of these revelations are similar in wording to previous revelations directed to Joseph Knight Sr., Hyrum Smith, and Oliver Cowdery. This particular revelation is addressed to David Whitmer.
This text is drawn from the 1833 Book of Commandments. An earlier transcription was apparently recorded in Revelation Book 1 on pages that are now missing.