Revelation, June 1829–E [D&C 17]

which I have given you the gates  of hell shall not prevail against you  for my grace is sufficient for you  and ye shall be lifted up at the  Last day and I Jesus Christ your  Lord and your God have spoken it  unto you that I might bring about  my righteous purposes unto the children  of men Amen—— [3/4 page blank] [p. 120]
When Oliver Cowdery

3 Oct. 1806–3 Mar. 1850. Clerk, teacher, justice of the peace, lawyer, newspaper editor. Born at Wells, Rutland Co., Vermont. Son of William Cowdery and Rebecca Fuller. Raised Congregationalist. Moved to western New York and clerked at a store, ca. 1825–1828...

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and David Whitmer

7 Jan. 1805–25 Jan. 1888. Farmer, livery keeper. Born near Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania. Son of Peter Whitmer Sr. and Mary Musselman. Raised Presbyterian. Moved to Ontario Co., New York, shortly after birth. Attended German Reformed Church. Arranged...

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learned that three witnesses were to be allowed to view the Book of Mormon plates, they requested the honor. Martin Harris

18 May 1783–10 July 1875. Farmer. Born at Easton, Albany Co., New York. Son of Nathan Harris and Rhoda Lapham. Moved with parents to area of Swift’s Landing (later in Palmyra), Ontario Co., New York, 1793. Married first his first cousin Lucy Harris, 27 Mar...

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had also been promised a viewing. Cowdery, Whitmer, and Harris pressed so vigorously that JS sought a revelation through the Urim and Thummim. He subsequently dictated this text, which confirmed that the three men would be permitted to view the plates and other related artifacts if they exercised sufficient faith.
In his history, JS recounted the three men’s successful effort to obtain a realization of the promise. All three witnesses attached their testimony to the Book of Mormon, stating that they had seen the engraved plates and had experienced other divine manifestations.
Revelation Book 2 contains the earliest extant copy of this revelation. Undated, it apparently was copied sometime after 25 November 1834 by scribe Frederick G. Williams

28 Oct. 1787–10 Oct. 1842. Ship’s pilot, teacher, physician, justice of the peace. Born at Suffield, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Son of William Wheeler Williams and Ruth Granger. Moved to Newburg, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio, 1799. Practiced Thomsonian botanical system...

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. No earlier copy is extant. The 1835 Doctrine and Covenants and later accounts give the date as June 1829.