Revelation, September 1830–F [D&C 31]

Those that revile govern thy house in meekness & be  steadfast Behold I say unto you that thou shalt be a P[h]ysician  unto the Church but not unto the World for they will not  receive thee go thy way whithersoever I will & it shall be  given thee by the Comforter what thou shalt do &  whither thou shalt go pray always lest ye enter into  temptation & loose thy reward be faithful unto the end  & Lo! I am with you these words are not of man neither  of men but of me even Jesus Christ your Redeemer by  the will of the father even so amen [p. 44]
This revelation was addressed to Thomas B. Marsh, who first learned of JS and his activities in fall 1829, when he visited Palmyra, New York. While there he saw proof sheets of the Book of Mormon. Favorably impressed by what he heard and saw, he embraced the book’s message, and the following year, in September 1830, he and his wife, Elizabeth, moved their family to Palmyra. After he was baptized into the new church, Marsh was ordained an elder and then sought instruction on what to do next.
John Whitmer copied this text into Revelation Book 1, where it is designated “34th Commandment AD 1830,” sometime between March and June 1831. Edward Partridge made a copy of this revelation at the end of 1830 or early in 1831, but only a portion is extant. The 1833 Book of Commandments dates this revelation to September 1830, as does the 1835 Doctrine and Covenants.