Rules and Regulations, 14 January 1836

body, also an insult offered to any  of the officers of said Church while  officiating shall be considered an insu lt to the whole body—
3d— All persons are prohibited from  going up the stairs in times of worship
4th— all persons are prohibited from  exploring the house except waited  upon by a person appointed for that  purpose—
5th— all persons are prohibited from  going <in>to the several pulpits except  the officers who are appointed to  officiate in the same
6th— All persons are prohibited from  cutting marking or marring the  inside or outside of the house  with a knife pencil or any other  instrument whatever, under pain  of such penalty as the law shall  inflict—
7th— All children are prohibited from  assembling in the house above or  below or any part of it to play or  for recreation at any time, and  all parents guardians or masters  shall be ameneable for all damage  that shall accrue in consequence of  their children—
8th— All persons whether believers or  unbelievers shall be treated with  due respect by the authority <authorities> of the  Church— [p. 112]
Rules and Regulations, Kirtland, OH, 14 Jan. 1836; handwriting of Warren Parrish; in JS, Journal, Sept. 1835–Apr. 1836, pp. 111–113; JS Collection, CHL.