Affidavit, 5 September 1838

Elias Higbee handwriting begins.  

State of Missouri)
Caldwell County)
Before me Elias Higbee, one of  the Justices of the County Court, within and for the County  of Caldwell aforesaid. Personally came Joseph Smith Junr  who being duly sworn according to Law, deposeth and saith,  that on the 7th day of August 1838, being informed that an  affray had taken place in Davies[s] County in at the Election,  in the town of Gallatin, in the which some two persons  were killed, and one person badly wounded, and fled to the  woods to save his life, all of which were <said to be> persons belonging  to the Society of Mormons so Called <the Church of Latter day Saints> And further, said—  informant stated “that those persons who committed  the outrage, would not suffer said the bodies of those who  had been killed, to be taken of[f] the ground and buried—  These reports with others, concerning the affair one of which  was, that the Mormons <saints> so called had not the privilige  of voting at the polls, as other citizens. Another was, that  those opposed to the Mormons <saints> were determined to drive them  from Daviees County, and Also that they were Arming &  strengthening their forces, and preparing for a battle; &  that the Mormons <saints> were preparing & making ready to  stand in self defence. These reports, having excited, the  feelings of the citizens of “Far West” and vicinity, I was  invited with others, by Dr [Sampson] Avard & some others, to go out  to Davies County, to the scene of these Outrages; they having  previously having determined to go out, and learn the facts concer ning said reports. Accordingly as [s]ome of the citizens,—  myself among the number, went out, two; three, and four in  companys, Also they got ready. The reports and exitement con tinued untill several of those small companys, through  the day, were induced to follow the first, who were all  eager to learn the facts concerning this matter: we arived  in the evening, at the house of Lyman Wight, about 3 miles  from Gallatan, the scene of the reported outrages; here we learned  the truth concerning the said affray, which had been consider ably exageated [exaggerated], yet, there had been a serious Outrage committed.  We there learned that the mob were was collected at [p. [1]]
JS, affidavit, Far West, MO, 5 Sept. 1838; handwriting of Elias Higbee and George W. Robinson with signatures of JS and Elias Higbee; in petition, [ca. 1840], 104 pages; JS Collection, CHL.