Letter from Parley P. Pratt, 22 November 1839

New York Novr. 22nd. 1839
Pres.t J Smith Jr
Dear Brother
Health and peace  be unto you from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are well, and greatly prospered in the Lord, after all our  tribulation. The Churches (in these parts are prospering great ly and are firm in faith and increasing in numbers con tinually. the Church in N. York and Brooklyn now numbers  from 150 to 200 members and additions are being made every  week. A general Conference was held in this City on Tuesday  and Wednesday of this week Elders present, were O[rson] Pratt  W[ilford] Woodruff. Samuel James. Benj. Winchester Elds Foster,  Layne, Jenks, Brown, Benidict and myself Priests present  were A. Everett Br Birge and Bro Van◊◊elver; many branches  of the Church in the region round about, were represented,  Several hundred members in all, and mostly increasing—  great doors are open for preaching and crowded houses are  the order of the day. I have also received letters from Maine  and from Michigan, with joyful accounts of the spread of  the work of the Lord. You would now find Churches of the  Saints in Philadelphia, in Albany, in Brooklyn in N York  in Sing-Sing, in Jersey, in Pensylvania. On Long-Island  and in various other places all around us.
The learned have frequently come forward for debate and  have as frequently retired from the field confounded: the  people are astonished and have given up that Mormanism  as they call it will finally prevail.
Our N. York meetings are now held Three times every  Sabbath in Columbian Hall, Grand Street, a few doors east of  the Bowery, it is very central and one of the best places in  the city, it will hold nearly one thousand people and is  well filled with attentive hearers; Bro Winchester has a  good Hall well fitted up in Philadelphia where stated  meetings are held, several every week, and crowded audienc[e]s  In short the truth is spreading more rapidly than ever  before. in every direction, far and near. There is a great call  for our Books. I am now reprinting the “Voice of Warning”) [p. 77]
Parley P. Pratt, letter, New York, NY, to JS, Commerce, IL, 22 Nov. 1839; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson; in JS Letterbook 2, pp. 77–79; JS Collection, CHL.