Letter from Sidney Rigdon, 10 April 1839

which should be favorable to our people. He is also getting papers prepared, signed  by all the noted men in this part of the country to give us a favorable reception  at Washington, whither we shall repair forthwith after having visited the  Governor of Iowa of whose friendship we have the strongest testimonies.
We leave Quincy this day to visit him. Our plan of operation is to impeach  the State of Missouri on an item of the Constitution of the United States; That  the general government shall give to each State a Republican form of govern ment. Such a form of Government does not exist in Missouri and we can  prove it.
Governor Carlin and his Lady enter with all the enthusiasm  of their natures into this work, having no doubt but we can accomplish this object.
Our plan of operation in this work is to get all the Governors  in their next messages to have the subject brought before the legislatures and  we will have a man at the Capital of each State to furnish them with the  testimony on the subject; and we design to be at Washington to wait upon  Congress and have the action of that body on it also; all this going on at the same  time, and have the action of the whole, during one session.
Br G[eorge] W. Robinson will be engaged all the time between this and the  next sitting of the Legislatures in taking affidavits and preparing for the tug  of war, while we will be going from State to State visiting the respective Governors  to get the case mentioned in their messages to legislatures so as have the whole going  on at once. You will see by this that our time is engrossed to overflowing.
The Bishops of the Church are required to ride and visit all scattered  abroad, and collect money to carry on this great work. Be assured brethren  that operations of an all important character are under motion, and will come  to an issue as soon as possible.
Be assured that our friendship  is unabated for you and our desires for your deliverance intense. May God  hasten it speedily is our prayer day and night.
Yours in the bonds of affliction
J Smith Jr