Letter to Heber C. Kimball and Brigham Young, 16 January 1839

Letter to Heber C. Kimball and Brigham Young, 16 January 1839

Robert B. Thompson handwriting begins.  

Liberty Jany 16th 1839
Joseph Smith Jr Sidney  Rigdon and Hyram [Hyrum] Smith prisoners for Jesus  sake sends greeting.
In obedience to your request  in your letter we say to you as follows. It is  not wisdom for you to go out of Caldwell with  your Families yet for a little season untill we  are out of Prison after which time you may act  your pleasure. but though you take your  Families out of the state yet it will be necessary  

Robert B. Thompson handwriting ends; Heber C. Kimball begins.  

for you to Return and leave as before designed on  the 26 of April.— In as much as we are in prison  and for a little season if need be the management of the  affairs of the church devolves on you that is the twelve  <the>

Insertion in the handwriting of Vilate Murray Kimball.  


Heber C. Kimball handwriting ends; Vilate Murray Kimball begins.  

the gathering of necessity stopt.— but the convertion of the  world need not stop. but under wise management can go on more  rapidly than ever. where churches are built let them continue where  they are until a door is open to do other wise. and let every  Elder ocupy his own ground. and when he builds a church let  him preside over it. and let not others run in to trouble him.  and thus let every man prove himself unto God that he is worthy.  If we live we live, and if we die for the testimony of Jesus we  die. but whether we live or die let the work of God go on. Let  the churches in England continue there, till further orders. till  a door cac [can] be opened for them. except they choose to come to  America; and take their chance with the saints here. if they do  that, let them come; and if they choose to come the[y] would do well  to send wise men before them and buy out Kirtland, and the regions  round about. or they may settle whare they can till things may alter—  It will be necessary for you to get the twelve together ordain such  as have not ben ordained, or at least such of them as you can  get, and proceed to regulate the Elders as the Lord may give you  wisdom— We nominate George A Smith and Lyman Sherman  to take the place of Orson Hyde and Thomas B Marsh Brethren  fear not. but be strong in the Lord and in the power of his [p. [1]]
JS, Sidney Rigdon, and Hyrum Smith, letter, Liberty, MO, to Heber C. Kimball and Brigham Young, Far West, MO, 16 Jan. 1839; handwriting of Robert B. Thompson, Heber C. Kimball, and Vilate Murray Kimball; two pages; Kimball family correspondence, CHL. Includes endorsement.