Letter to Martin Harris, 22 February 1831

Kirtland Febr. 22nd 1831
I send you this to inform you that  it is nec[e]ssary for you to come here as soon as you can  in order to choose a place which may be best adapted  to the circumstances of yourself and breatheren in the east  to settle on as you may choose any place which may best  suit yourselves any where in this part of the country so  as to be as compact as possable and as you will be  better capable of able to make a choice choice than we  it is better for you to come before the rest of the breath ren that when they come they may have places to go to  you will also bring or cause to <be> brought all the  books, as the work is here breaking forth on the east  west north and south, you will also inform the Elders  which are there that all of them who can be spared  will come here without delay if possable this by  Commandment of the Lord as he has a great work  for them all in this our inheritence.
We have received the laws of the Kingdom since we came  here and the Disciples in these parts have received them  gladly. You will see that old Father Smiths family  are taken care of and sent on You will send to  Colesville and have either Hiram [Hyrum Smith] or Newel [Knight] to come  immediatly or both if they can be spared.
You will not sell the books for less than 10 Shillings
Joseph Smith Jr [p. [1]]
JS, letter, Kirtland, [OH], to Martin Harris, Palmyra, NY, 22 Feb. 1831; handwriting of Sidney Rigdon with signature of JS; one page; JS Collection, CHL.