Minutes, 30 April 1833

Kirtland 30 of April 1833
A conference of High Priests convened  in the school room. the meeting commen[c]ed  with prayer by Bro Joseph the councel being  organized in due form Bro Joseph said  that it was necessary that a subscription  should be opened to procure money to  pay for the use of the house that meetings  were held in the past season. accordingly  the conference appointed bro Albert  Brown to circulate a subscription  paper for that purpose
next thing in question was the exped[i]ency  of John P Green[e] going to parkman and  to take the charge of that branch of  of the Church, it was decided that [p. 19]
In April 1833, JS presided over a council of high priests that met to consider three items of business: providing space for local church meetings in Kirtland, Ohio; appointing a presiding officer for the church’s Parkman branch in southeastern Geauga County, Ohio; and advising a church member on travel plans to Missouri. Frederick G. Williams kept the minutes of this meeting and entered a copy into Minute Book 1.