Minutes, 7 November 1837

Bishop Edward Partridge said he seconded  Pres’t. William’s nomination and should vote for him;  and as to said letter, he had heard it, and saw  nothing so criminal in it.
President David Whitmer also made a few  remarks in Pres’t. Williams’ favor.
Elder Marsh made further remarks.
Pres’t S. Rigdon then nominated Pres’t. Hyrum  Smith to take Pres’t. Williams’ place. He then called  for a vote in favor of Pres’t. Williams’ who was  rejected. He then called for a vote in favor of Pres’t.  Hyrum Smith, which was carried unanim ous.
Some few remarks were made by Pres’ts.  David Whitmer and S. Rigdon.
Elder Elisha H. Groves spake in favor of Pres’t.  Whitmer. Further remarks from Elder [William E.] Mc.lellin, by  request of Pres’t. Whitmer, who made satisfaction  for him. Remarks from Pres’t. Joseph Smith jr.  who called for an expression, which was carried by  almost a unanimous vote.
Pres’t. Joseph Smith, jr. then nominated John  Whitmer for an assistant President, who was objected,  to and Elder Marsh spake in opposition to him, and  read a list of charges from a written document against [p. 83]
Minutes, Kirtland, OH, 7 Nov. 1837; handwriting of Ebenezer Robinson; in Minute Book 2, pp. 82–85; CHL.