Revelation, 12 October 1833 [D&C 100]

unto this calling even to be a spokesman unto  my servant Joseph and I will give unto him power  to be mighty in testimony and I will give unto  the<e> power to be mighty in expounding all schrip tures that thou mayest be a spokesman unto  him and he shall be a revelator unto thee that  thou mayest know the certanty of all things  pertaining to the things of my kingdom on  the earth Therefore continue your journey  and let your hearts rejoice for behold and  lo I am with you even unto the end and
And now I give unto you a word concern ing Zion Zion shall be redeemed altho she  is chasened for a little season thy breathe ren my servents Orson [Hyde] and John [Gould] are in my  hands and inasmuch as they keep my com mandments they shall be saved therefore let  your hearts be comforted for all things shall  work together for good to them that walk  uprightly and to the sactifycation [sanctification] of the chur ch for I will raise up unto myself a pure  people that will serve me in righteousness  and all that call on the name of the Lord  and keep his commandments shall be saved  even so Amen [p. [2]]
Revelation, Perrysburg, NY, 12 Oct. 1833; handwriting of Sidney Rigdon; two pages; Newel K. Whitney Papers, BYU. Includes Newel K. Whitney endorsement.