Letter to Church Leaders in Jackson County, Missouri, 25 June 1833

Letter to Church Leaders in Jackson County, Missouri, 25 June 1833

Frederick G. Williams handwriting begins.  

Kirtland June 25— 1833
Brethren we have received your last containing a number of  questions which you desire us to answer, this we do the more  readily as we desire with all our hearts, the prosperity of Zion  and the peace of her inhabitents for we have as great an intrest in  the welfare of Zion as you can have— First as respects getting the  book of Commandments bound we think it is not necessary they  will be sold as well without binding and there is no book binder  to be had as we know off, nor is there materials to be had for bin ding without keeping the books too long from circulation——
With regard to the books of Mormon which are in the hand  of brothe[r] Burket we say to you get them from brothe[r] Burke et give him receipt for them in the name of the littery firm  Let Bro. [Sidney] Gilbert pay bro Chapin his mony——
We have not found the book of Jasher nor any of the othe[r]  lost books mentioned in the bible as yet nor wille we obtain  obtain them at present— respecting the Apochraphy [Apocrypha] the Lord  Said to us that there were many things in it which were true  and ther were many things in it which were not true and  to those who desired, it should be given by the spirit to  know true from the false, we have received some revelations within  a short time back which you will

Frederick G. Williams handwriting ends; Orson Hyde begins.  

obtain in due time. As soon as we  can get time, we will review the manuscripts of the Book of Mormon, after which they  will be forwarded to you— We commend the plan highly of your choossing a  teacher to instruct the High Priests that they may be able to silence gainsayers—  Concerning Bishops we recommend the following, to let Bro I[saac] Morley be ord ained second Bishop in Zion. And let Bro John Carrel [Corrill] be ordained third—  Let Bro Edward [Partridge] choose as counsellors in their place, Bro Parley P[.] Pratt and Bro  Titus Billings, ordaining Bro Billings to the High Priesthood. Let Bro Morley  choose for his counsellors Bro Christian Whitmer whom ordain to the High  Priesthood and Bro Newel Knights [Knight]— Let Bro Carrol choose bro Daniel Staunton  and Bro Hezekiah Peck for his counsellors, let Bro Hezekiah also be ordained  to the high Priesthood— Bro John Johnson of Hiram has been received as a memb er of the firm by commandment and has just come to Kirtland to live. As soon  as we get a power of Agency signed agreeable to law for Bro Partridge, we will  forward it to him, and will immediately expect one from that part of the firm to  Bro Newel K[.] Whitney signed in the same manner. We would again say to Bro Edward  to be sure to get a form according to law for secureing a gift, we have found by  examineing the Law that a gift cannot be retained without this— The truth  triumphs gloriously in the East, Multitudes are embraceing it. I Sidney [Rigdon] who write this  letter in behalf of the Presidency have had the privilege of seeing my aged Mother  Baptized into the faith of the Gospel a few weeks since at the advanced age of  seventy five, she now resides with me. We send by this mail a draft of the City of  Zion with explanations, and a draft of the house to be built immediately in Zion for  the presidency as well as all purposes of Religion and instruction. Kirtland, the Stake  of Zion, is strengthening continually, when they [the?] enemies look at her, they wag their  heads and march along. We anticipate the day when the enemies will have fled away  and be far from us. You will remember that the power of agency must be signed  by the wives as well as their husbands, and the wives must be examined separate &  apart from the husband the same as signing a deed, and a specification to that effect  inserted at the bottom by the Justice before whom said acknowledgement is made,  otherwise the power will be of non[e] effect. Clarrissa Bachellor of Boston wants  her paper discontinued because she has gone from the place, and she has turned  from the faith. Send a paper to Joshua Baley Andover Vermont [p. [1]]
This letter from JS and his close associates in Kirtland, Ohio, responded to several inquiries from Missouri leaders and also discussed a variety of church matters. Among other topics, the letter addressed questions concerning “lost books mentioned in the bible,” the use of the Apocrypha, and whether the devil and his angels would be restored to grace. The letter also discussed priesthood assignments, the bishop’s role regarding property consecrated to the church, and publication of the Book of Commandments. A draft plat for the city of Zion accompanied the letter.
Frederick G. Williams and Orson Hyde penned the letter, which was signed by JS, Sidney Rigdon, Frederick G. Williams, and Martin Harris. Received by Edward Partridge when it arrived in Missouri, the document was initially retained in the Partridge family before being added to JS’s papers.